The Midway

The Midway

Within ONA19 is the Midway, where attendees can learn about emerging technologies, be trained on practical tools to redefine and amplify their work, and hear from experts who can provide insight into important themes that are taking digital news to the next level.

The Midway is made up of two spaces: an exhibiting space that includes a spotlight on start-ups under two years old, and a programming area featuring thematic panel discussions and short demos.

Midway panels focus on topics of importance to the ONA community, with participants leading discussions in their areas of expertise. This year, we are allowing groups to opt out of speaking at the start of the process.

Demos are returning to the Midway this year, with some changes. Not all Midway participants will be able to have a featured demo; up to 10 groups will be selected based on auditions held over video chat in May.

ONA limits the Midway’s size to less than 35 total participants to ensure that the Midway fulfills its mission of inspiring new connections between media and technology. Organizations and companies selected for the Midway must be able to demonstrate:

  1. How attendees will interact with features in their space.
  2. What is new and different about those features.

Questions? Check out the Midway FAQs or contact Midway Producer Hanaa Rifaey at

Midway schedule coming soon