Three Ways to Push and Pull Content: Learn All About Aggregation, Syndication and Curation

Aggregating or curating like-minded content from others to publish on your site and syndicating your own content on complementary sites are tools for maximizing your content's reach and revenue generation. However, there is a fine balance to strike when engaging in these strategies. This session focuses on best practices that balance short and long-term value for publishers and editors.

Who is this session designed for?

  • Journalists trying to extend their reach by syndicating their content without diluting their brand or credibility.
  • Editors of small to mid-sized sites seeking to augment the content on their sites via manual and automated aggregation/curation techniques.
  • Publishers interested in exploring revenue optimization and cost-saving strategies by syndication of their own content and complementary content aggregation/curation.


Aya Uryu
Chief Operating Officer, Nordot USA
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York Eggleston IV
Co-Founder & CEO, Widespider, LLC
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Chris Krewson
Executive Director, LION Publishers
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