Visual Tool Demos: Mapbox, Espii Studios, LucidWeb

What are Midway Demos?
In response to ONA attendees asking for more demos of useful products, the Midway has curated eight demos to take place mid-day on Friday, September 13. There are three categories of demos: audio tools, visual tools, and improved reader engagement tools. Come check out this newest addition to Midway Programming!

Please note: to fully participate in this session's demos, please bring at least a laptop.

Quickly iterating and creating reusable templates for stories is key to keeping up with fast-paced news environments. Mapbox will show how you can create a scrollytelling map in 15 minutes, using one of our templates. Bring a laptop, sign up for Mapbox, and install a text editor. We will provide the data to play with.

Rather than just explain what WebVR is, LucidWeb's demo will allow you to actually experience how it feels. Be sure to bring at least one device -- laptop, tablet, smartphone, and/or VR headset -- and see for yourself how VR and 360 degree stories can be shared across devices through a unique URL.

Espii Studios
Description coming.