Improved Reader Engagement Demos: The Globe and Mail, Four Kitchens, Readefined

What are Midway Demos?
In response to ONA attendees asking for more demos of useful products, the Midway has curated eight demos to take place mid-day on Friday, September 13. There are three categories of demos: audio tools, visual tools, and improved reader engagement tools. Come check out this newest addition to Midway Programming!

The Globe and Mail's Sophi
Whatever we publish at the top of our news site will play well -- but how can we as a newsroom identify and otherwise promote our most valuable content? Our team at The Globe and Mail wrestled with that question and created Sophi, a predictive analytics tool that gets newsrooms away from simply measuring clicks and time spent. Come learn how Sophi can help you understand what readers value, which content to paywall and which content to promote.

Four Kitchens
The technologists at Four Kitchens have been fascinated with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for years, and we're always looking for ways to make content management solutions easier and more effective. That's why at ONA 2019 we are showcasing, a humble experiment that takes a short anecdote and automatically serves up potential images to support and enhance it. We're happy to be demonstrating some of the new possibilities that machine learning can open up.

This demo will introduce Readocracy, a trust-powered community layer that gives your readers a compelling home on your site. Readocracy can tell whether your readers actually read an article, and gives them subject matter credits for it, in addition to other earned credibility and trust features. This is used to power the features that will be demoed: trust-based social profiles, trust-filtered comments, community conversation matchmaking, personal insights, subject leaderboards, subject and community rewards, and reader-to-reader-powered recommendations.