Your Stop Doing List: How to Make Space for Innovation in Your News Business

  • Saturday – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • The Midway | Napoleon Ballroom - 3rd Floor | Sheraton
  • ##ONA19MW

We're all trying to build the future of news, but what do we need to tear down before there's room to develop new things? In this panel discussion, we'll focus on some of the persistent challenges (from ideas we've held to technologies we've adopted) that we see stopping newsrooms from blazing a new trail on revenue and business growth - and share our advice for how your newsroom can do things differently.

Who's this session designed for?

  • Small to medium-sized journalism startups - founders, entrepreneurs, product/business folks.
  • Folks at more established publications who are seeking out new revenue models and product direction, to change course or prepare for the future.


Parie Meshberg - Relationship Manager, WordPress VIP
@parie |

Margaret Schneider - Director of Editorial Projects, Alley
@alleyco |

Merrill Brown

Gagik Yeghiazarian - Co-Founder and Council Member, PUBLIQ Foundation
@GYeghiazarian |


Celeste LeCompte - Vice President, Business Development, ProPublica
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