Monetizing content beyond ads, e-commerce, and paywalls

Publishers and content creators have been focused on ads and paywalls to monetize content. But emerging alternatives include licensing of stories, paid newsletters, and narrated audio as a way to extend the lifetime value of content and find alternate revenue streams.

No More Preaching to the Choir—It’s Time to Show Up, Changemakers

Most of the tim the people who show up to “diversity panels” aren’t those with power to make real change in their newsrooms—it’s the choir. Let’s target and reach out to executive leadership, and other folks with hiring power, in advance of the conference.

Ask a trust coach

Trust is unique to each organization, but you can learn a lot about building it from others, in similar situations, who can help tailor trust strategies in one-on-one mentorship relationships.

Mago Torres

How a group of independent journalists documented the most comprehensive database of mass graves in Mexico