Whose Event Is It Anyway?: Crafting Community-Centered Live News Experiences

How to effectively create live news events that promote your organization’s work while keeping the central focus on the needs of communities most directly affected by the reporting.

Before forging ahead with a news event idea, it’s important to ask: How will this benefit the people most affected by the reporting?

Intention is inseparable from making an impact. From selecting a format and strategic partnerships, to outreach methods and possible venues, each component of a community event must be carefully considered in order to build trust with the audience and best serve those who need the information and convening space most.

This session will clearly outline best practices and lessons learned based on a number of case studies.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Derrick Clifton (@DerrickClifton)
    Communications Manager, ProPublica Illinois
  • (Other speakers TBD)