Monetizing content beyond ads, e-commerce, and paywalls

Publishers and content creators have been focused on ads and paywalls to monetize content. But emerging alternatives include licensing of stories, paid newsletters, and narrated audio as a way to extend the lifetime value of content and find alternate revenue streams.

Publishers and content creators largely rely on ads, paywalls, and e-commerce to monetize their content. But an increasing number of alternative strategies and services can help them wring value from existing content and engage new audiences. Whether it’s licensing evergreen content with Pocket, creating more niche, paid newsletters with Substack, or transforming long-form journalism into audio with Audm, publishers and content creators have more options and new distribution channels to derive value from the work they create.

This session would look at how services like Pocket, Substack, and Audm are exploring different ways of working with publishers and helping them monetize content, both old and new.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Carolyn O'Hara (carolynohara1)
    Editorial Manager, Pocket
  • TBD