Mago Torres

How a group of independent journalists documented the most comprehensive database of mass graves in Mexico

I would like to join a panel on investigative journalism where I can present the investigation “El país de las 2 mil fosas“ (“The country of the 2 thousand graves“), created by a collective of independent journalists in Mexico last year and published on Nov 12, 2018. The investigation documents the findings of mass graves in Mexico. It took one and a half years and involved over 200 public records requests at the state level. With this investigation, the team built a database of mass graves and an interactive map that shows the findings per year and per municipality between 2006 and 2016.

The story was published in English in December 2018.
Publication in English:
Map in English:
Publication in Spanish:
Map in Spanish:

Audience: Journalists interested in data, public records, collaboration, covering human rights, and international coverage.

It is valuable for the journalistic audience to know about this investigation because it was done with little resources, independently, remotely, in collaboration, and with a focus on innovative storytelling. And we think this is valuable no matter what country it was done.

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  • Mago Torres (@magiccia)
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