Platypuses, Unicorns and Zebras: Build Careers that Bridge Editorial and Business

“Journalist” is no longer a direct career path, with innovators now building careers that straddle editorial, business, technology and product lines. Join this workshop to learn how engaged journalism drives editorial and revenue strategies, and about the new generation of leaders fluent in newsroom, business and product.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsrooms that would like to support talent across divisions and silos
  • Leaders who are interested in building experience in multiple media organization nodes
  • Anyone curious about where the profession is headed


Elizabeth Hansen
Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
@ehansen02Visit Website

André Natta
Editorial Director, Lenfest Local Lab, Lenfest Institute for Journalism
@acnattaVisit Website

Hannah Birch
Production Editor, ProPublica
@hannahsbirchVisit Website

Anna Nirmala
Director of Portfolio Development, The American Journalism Project
@annala7680Visit Website

Wendi Thomas
Editor, MLK50: Justice Through Journalism

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