Replenishing news deserts with grassroots local media

Local doesn’t mean traditional, so let’s explore how news deserts can be replenished with exciting local media formats that go to where audiences are, not beg for dissipating audiences to miraculously come back.

As local print media continues to decline, how can localities stay informed? And as younger audiences struggle to find a natural home in legacy mainstream media, how can media continue to engage and educate? Creating issue-driven, dynamic local media works. Let us tell you how we’re doing it! We’ve created two local Irish podcasts – Don’t Stop Repealin’ and United Ireland – that seek to engage, inform, and motivate people to participate in active citizenship.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Una Mullally (@UnaMullally)
    Freelance, Freelance podcasting, print; United Ireland, Don't Stop Repealin', the Irish Times
  • Andrea Horan (@AndreaHoran)
    Podcaster, activist, nail bar mogul, United Ireland, The Hunreal Issues, Tropical Popical