How to better cover the U.S.-Mexico border

A panel of reporters who cover the border on the ground unpacks what U.S.-Mexico coverage should look like in times when the government is announcing new policies and the humanitarian crisis worsens.

Reporting in the border can help improve our understanding of border residents’ problems, how do local communities find a solution to the spike in the immigration flow, the complexity of the policies that the Trump’s administration is implementing and its consequences for the cities in the border. This session will be a debate where journalists covering the Southern border share experiences on their findings, stories they covered, the reality that they found, and the answers on the people’s needs of a border wall.

It will try to reflect whether there is a crisis in the border due to the arrival of immigrant caravans or if Trump’s unpredictable decisions are making harder to find a long term solution.

Suggested Speaker(s):

Julián Aguilar, immigration and border security reporter at Texas Tribune
Vero Cárdenas, freelance photojournalist based in McAllen, Texas
Damià Bonmatí, immigration reporter at AJ+

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Patricia Clarembaux
    Reporter, Univision Noticias