Getting social during live events

The ultimate multi-platform experience: Risks & rewards when integrating our social media audiences with live event tv news broadcasts

This is for anyone who simulcasts live programming in a digital space on multiple channels at once. A look at how the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is allowing audiences a unique opportunity to experience an event unfolding in front of them and influence the live news coverage, including a traditional television broadcast. We aren’t talking about putting tweets on the screen or using social to vote for a topic to be covered. It’s about a conversation with the audience, shaping live events. We look at lessons learned when making a program live, accessible and responsive on CBC News Network, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and We also will offer practical tips including the kind of staffing needed (and skillsets) to take interactive live broadcasts to the next level.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Jennifer Sheepy
    Executive Producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Cheryl Brown
    Social Media Editor/Presenter, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation