Why and How Using Machine Learning Can Improve Video in Your Newsroom

The key areas where artificial intelligence/machine learning play for publishing are: identification, categorization, and recommendations. Contrary to concerns about the robots taking over, machine learning technology will not replace writers and editors, in the same way Photoshop has not replaced artists. If you work in editorial, product, or revenue teams, you will leave this panel with an understanding of how to evaluate these technologies and apply them to content programming. Come prepared to ask questions and walk away with ideas and best practices you can apply to your newsroom.

Who is this session designed for?

  • Editors trying to better understand the essentials of metadata and category taxonomy, including applying automation rules to maintain editorial standards
  • People on the tech and product side of the newsroom who want to know what to look for when evaluating technology providers
  • Publishers interested in learning how to utilize contextual data to increase CPM


Tessa Sproule
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Vubble
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Ricky Sutton
Founder/CEO, Oovvuu
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Mantonie Byrd
Director of Programming Strategy and Partnerships, IRIS.TV
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Rodney Gibbs
Chief Product Officer, Texas Tribune
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