Locally Sourced Reporting: Are Americans Missing Out?

Presenting findings from a new and unusually large Pew survey of 35,000 Americans, local news leader panellists will join a lead author of the study to discuss how respondents rate the performance of their local news, the role of digital platforms, prospective subscription streams and other related topics.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsroom leaders keen to understand their audiences' interests in online news
  • Anyone who would like access to a large and comprehensive local news dataset
  • Revenue professional looking for better targeted reader- and viewership models


Chelsea Brasted
Columnist and Reporter, Freelance & AssociationSuccess.org Content Manager
@cabrastedVisit Website

Amy Mitchell
Director Journalism Research, Pew Research Center

Beau Tidwell
Communications Director, City of New Orleans, Mayor's Office


Sherry Chisenhall
Executive Editor, The Charlotte Observer
@schisenhallVisit Website

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