Ideas and Tools to Decode the 2020 Census

Well-understood as both a constitutional imperative undergirding representative democracy and the rare political flashpoint that rises above the news of the day, the decennial census is also a veritable fount of story ideas and engagement opportunities that will continue long after the forms are counted.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsroom leaders looking for new and targeted community coverage
  • Journalists interested in building a bank of story concepts
  • Anyone who would like to better understand coming demographic and political shifts



Ashley Alvarado
Director, Community Engagement, Southern California Public Radio (KPCC + LAist)
@ashleyalvaradoVisit Website

Michael Cook Sr.
Division Chief, Public Information Office, U.S. Census Bureau

D'Vera Cohn
Senior Writer/Editor, Pew Research Center

Ryan Pitts
Program Lead, Code & Technology, OpenNews
@ryanpittsVisit Website


Dorothy Bland
Professor, University of North Texas

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