You're #1: First Timer Orientation

PLEASE NOTE: leave extra time to reach the 8th floor, which is accessible only by elevator.

Never been to an ONA conference? We promise, you're not alone, and this session is designed just for you. How do you connect with people you're most interested in meeting? How do you choose between so many great sessions? How can you best manage your energy? And how can you interact with the tech toys in the Midway? We'll make sure you're equipped to get the most out of your ONA experience. Don't forget to bring your ONA #1 button: your first-timer badge of honor!

This session is designed for:

  • Planners and procrastinators, neurotics and nonchalants, and everybody in between
  • People who like to know what they're getting into
  • Any and all ONA conference first-timers!


Catherine Cloutier
Product Experience Lead, Google News
@cmcloutierVisit Website

Megan Griffith-Greene
Innovation Editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Imaeyen Ibanga
Senior Context Producer and Presenter, AJ+