[Sponsored] Risk, Reputation and Identity Politics in the Newsroom

This session is sponsored by Women’s Media Center

This event is presented by Women's Media Center

This discussion will focus on how homogeneity in senior management of newsrooms, persistently sex-segregated coverage, and traditional ideas about threats, safety and risk shape newsrooms and storytelling. This hour-long luncheon discussion will focus on how ideas about threats, safety and risks - to journalists and to consumers - shape newsroom decisions and storytelling. The panel will discuss ways in which building more inclusive media organizations necessitates institutional commitments to protecting journalists from new and different threats. In particular, the panel will focus on what it means to shift considerations of risk and threat away from an emphasis on personal safety and towards greater corporate recognition and responsibility.


Nicole Carroll
Editor-in-Chief, USA TODAY

Mitra Kalita
Senior VP News, Opinion, Programming, CNN Digital

Raju Narisetti
Director, Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism, Columbia Journalism School, Columbia University


Soraya Chemaly
Director, WMC Speech Project

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