Ethics in AR

As augmented reality becomes more commonplace in newsroom storytelling, questions about how to ethically capture and recreate places, objects or events gain salience. Join this immersive session for a robust discussion of ethical norms related to privacy, ownership, representation and reconstruction in AR.

This session is designed for:

  • Leaders who could make use of a four-point scan to evaluate potential ethical issues
  • Newsrooms interested in building a framework for production and distribution of AR
  • Anyone seeking a serious conversation about the ethical use of technology

Recent work by Ethics in AR panelists:


Mia Tramz
Editorial Director, Enterprise + Immersive Experiences, TIME
@miatramzVisit Website

Brooke Van Dam
Director of Partnerships and Education, SeeBoundless
@brookevandamVisit Website

Jeremy Gilbert
Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Washington Post
@jeremygilbertVisit Website


Steven Johnson
Founder/CEO, SeeBoundless
@steveboundlessVisit Website

Session Audio

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