[RSVP] Media Law for Journalists Workshop

Noon-12:15 pm: Registration: http://www.medialaw.org/ona19

12:15-1:30: The First Amendment and the Trump Administration
This session will explore recent developments in the relationship between the media and the U.S. Government. What does the indictment of Julian Assange for violation of the Espionage Act mean for the institutional press? Will President Trump succeed in "opening up the libel laws"? How and why have media groups taken legal action against the Executive Branch over First Amendment issues? What are the effects of diatribes against the media and use of terms like "enemy of the people"?

1:30-1:45: Break

1:45-3:15: Libel and Invasion of Privacy
This workshop will focus on the legal problems which can arise from your content: How you can avoid getting sued for defamation and invasion of privacy. What the plaintiff has to prove to make out a libel case, your common law and constitutional defenses, the differences in defending cases brought by public and private figures, privileges for opinion and using public records and the effect of corrections, denials, libelous implications and using anonymous sources will all be discussed. Lawsuits for publishing truthful but embarrassing private facts will also be considered.

3:15-3:30: Break

3:30-5:00: Copyright and Digital Media
A workshop covering hot issues in copyright and the law of digital media. What is copyrightable, the fair use of newsworthy information, and embedding and aggregation of content will all be discussed. We will also talk about ways in which the law treats online speech differently from traditional media, with a focus on the role of social media platforms.