We Built a Product Team in One Year: Here's Everything We Learned

Newsroom product teams harness audience insights and technology to develop business strategies that are nimble and sustainable. But that doesn't mean media companies must become tech companies. In this session, we'll share how product teams grow, adapt, prioritize, and align stakeholders in support of journalism.

This session is designed for people working in existing product teams or looking to build them:

  • Legacy newsrooms with no product team
  • Legacy newsroom that want to optimize their existing product team
  • Small newsrooms with minimal product experience and looking to grow


Jessica Morrison
Product Manager, Chemical & Engineering News

Amanda Yarnell
Editorial Director, Chemical & Engineering News
@amandayarnellVisit Website

Becca Aaronson
Director of Product, Chalkbeat

Alison Go
Head of Growth, Chalkbeat
@alisonmaegoVisit Website

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