Journalism Mentorship Collaborative Workshop

Last year, the Online News Association created and ran a grant-funded initiative designed to identify and train embedded journalists in mentoring and/or creating mentorship programs where they work. The results were tremendous.

In 2019, we want to keep going. We hope that through this workshop, we can find others interested in creating and running mentorship programs where they work.

We'll start at the beginning, pull apart and discuss these specific areas:

  • How to make it happen - Large Staff
  • How to make it happen - Small Staff
  • How to make it happen - Money/Resources
  • What's expected of mentors?
  • What's expected of mentees?

Each section will be led by a member of the 2018 ONA JMC who has experience in starting up formal mentorship programs.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone with a commitment to improving workplace culture and retention
  • Those who lead "horizontally" and want to create a formalized mentorship program where they are
  • Those who have already started a mentorship program - whether formal or informal - and are looking for ideas and resources


Raymond Ruiz
Director, EGMN

Doug Mitchell
Founder/Director Next Generation Radio, NPR
@nextgenradioVisit Website

Shirley Qiu
Audience Engagement Strategist, American Press Institute
@callmeshirleyqVisit Website

Thomas Huang
Assistant Managing Editor, Dallas Morning News

Mallory Yu
Associate Producer, All Things Considered, NPR


Amy Kovac-Ashley
Newsroom Learning Director, American Press Institute
@terabithia4Visit Website