2020 Campaign Coverage: Beyond the Horse Race

Offering tips, techniques and models to better inform citizens about what they need to know, this deeply-reported session on political journalism will provide insights into how "horse-race" reporting shortchanges voters and why issues journalism can productively shape reporting on the 2020 campaign.

This session is designed for:

  • Political journalists who would like to improve their poll-result reporting and "expert" sourcing
  • Newsrooms interested in building balanced coverage capable of better informing voters
  • Anyone looking to move beyond the content-free minutia of campaign coverage


Naomi Schalit
Senior Politics Editor, The Conversation US
@Naomi_SchalitVisit Website

Denise-Marie Ordway
Managing Editor, Journalist's Resource at Harvard Kennedy School
@DeniseOrdwayVisit Website

John Adams
Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief, Montana Free Press
@johnsadams406Visit Website


Joel Abrams
Manager, Media Outreach, The Conversation US
@BostonAbramsVisit Website

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