Election 2020: Using Data to Report on Votes and Voters

  • Thursday – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Bayside C - 4th Floor | Sheraton
  • #ONA19VoterData
  • Session audio will be posted

Election 2020 is the meta-story of the moment, and the best political storytelling on November 3, 2020 (and in the days and weeks that follow!) will depend on data. Join journalists and editors for the tips, tools and techniques to tell the deeper stories layered within the vote count and election survey data.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsroom leaders interested in building out their story sourcing for years to come
  • Journalists looking for multiple perspectives to report complex stories
  • Anyone who values granular data, diverse voices and reporting depth


David Scott - Deputy Managing Editor, The Associated Press
@davidthornhill | https://www.ap.org/votecast

Emily Swanson - Polling Editor, Associated Press
@el_swan |

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