It’s time to stop chasing ad views and change the internet [Sponsored]

How many ads do you run? How many articles do you have to publish every day in order to keep the lights on? How many of those articles should have been a tweet? How often do you rewrite headlines to get clicks?

What do you get for all that effort? A few pennies per thousand views.

The current “free” model isn’t working. It hasn’t been working for a long time. The last sites standing are one bad day from laying off half their staff.

We all know how people get their information these days. People read an article here, share an article there, but unless the site is a daily part of their lives, what they rarely do is subscribe.

But you can’t count on ads to pay the bills. People want their privacy back. Whether through ad-blockers or private browsing. How much revenue do you lose to ad-blockers each month? It’s a substantial threat to everyone’s bottom line.

What if I told you that instead of making $0.25 per 1000 views, you could make $10 per 1000 views? Does that change the equation?

The answer is simple, really. Charge users $0.01 per article.

“Can’t be done,” everyone says. “We’d get eaten alive by the fees.” That, however, is where we come in.

Want2ReadIt is a micropayment processor designed specifically for online written content. It allows you to charge as little as one hundredth of one cent or even zero, though the recommended price is $0.01. The platform allows you to set the price on a per article basis, as well as default prices based on your own defined categories. You will be able to see exactly how much each article is earning each month. It is up to you to know your customers and define what your content is worth.

When you use Want2ReadIt, consumers get great journalism, and their privacy. Want2ReadIt itself collects nothing but an account name, payment information, and an email address from users and never shares or sells that information.

The average consumer could get all of their news and information for a dollar per month!

As consumers have become more privacy conscious, the door has been opened to change the internet. The possibility of creating a true win-win now exists. Consumers can protect their privacy and news organizations can get the revenue they need to thrive.

Together, we can facilitate high quality journalism and change the internet, and then change the world.

Bart Melton is the CEO of Centipenny LLC which owns and operates Want2ReadIt. He has 20 years of experience developing websites and applications working for a fortune 500 company, a bank and multiple startup companies before creating Centipenny LLC in 2019.