Where to Find Facebook, Instagram and CrowdTangle at ONA19 [Sponsored]

At ONA19, the Facebook Journalism Project will host two days of workshops for journalists and newsroom leaders to learn the latest, easiest ways to use our tools on Facebook, Instagram and CrowdTangle. The workshops include the popular Instagram Story School, an hour with political reporters who use CrowdTangle to fight misinformation, and a small publisher’s story of growing readership in a big way.

Check out the full schedule below and be sure to visit us at our booth.

Thursday, September 12

2-3 p.m. — Advertising for News Publishers on Facebook — Sign Up

Learn how to use Facebook’s advertising and business tools to drive traffic, generate business leads, and grow your audience. Facilitators: Kwan Booth, Facebook, Help and Education Content Strategist; Tanya Robinette, Facebook Content Lead, Business Education.

3-4 p.m. — Debunked! How AFP and PolitiFact Use CrowdTangle to Track Misinformation — Sign Up

Hear from the teams at PolitiFact and AFP on how they are using CrowdTangle to track misinformation on social media. Facilitator: Chris Miles, CrowdTangle, Strategic Partner Manager.

4-5 p.m. — Empowering a Culture of Innovation in Your Newsroom — Sign Up

Join us for this master class session to learn tips and proven strategies for how you can introduce new tools and workflows in your news organization. Featuring Marie Gilot of the Newmark School, Caty Green of Chalkbeat, Rachel Snody of Sinclair Enterprises, and Kyle Rickhoff from Lee Enterprises. Facilitator: Robin Monheit, CrowdTangle, NORAM News Partnerships Lead.

Friday, September 13 

10-11 a.m.Tool Fatigue Is Real: How to Blend Newsroom Tools to Make Your Work Life Easier — Sign Up

We know your newsroom is using many tools to achieve various goals, so CrowdTangle is teaming up with Parse.ly, Social News Desk, and Gatehouse Media for an interactive session on how you can use tools in concert with one another to make your work life a little easier. Facilitator: Sam Bennet, CrowdTangle, Strategic Partner Development for Local News.

11 a.m.-12pm or 3-4 p.m. — Instagram Story School — Sign Up for Session 1 or Session 2

Whether you’re new to Stories or a seasoned pro, this interactive workshop shows you how to maximize Instagram’s toolkit for creative reporting and storytelling. Facilitator: CJ Hernandez, Instagram, Media Partner Services.

12-1 p.m. — Who Says Local News Can’t Grow? How Bridge Magazine Hit Triple-Digit Growth in One Year — Sign Up

In local news, small can truly be mighty. This session, a case study on readership and reader revenue growth at Michigan’s Bridge Magazine led by growth strategist Bill Emkow, will show you real results and tactics you can use for (almost) immediate results. Facilitator: David Grant, Program Manager, Facebook Local News Accelerators.

2-3 p.m. — Instagram Therapy — Sign Up

Want some advice on your newsroom’s Instagram strategy? Join the IG News team and a group of social news editors for a little group therapy and collaborative problem solving. Facilitators: Lila King, Instagram, News Partnerships. CJ Hernandez, Instagram, News Partnerships.

4-5 p.m. — Essential Facebook Hacks: How to Get More With Less — Sign Up

Learn about tools and solutions that make it easier to reach, engage, grow, and monetize your audience to its full potential in the face of limited time and resources. Facilitators: Simren Bolaria, Facebook, Partner Development Manager, Media Community Development; Dara Levy, Facebook, Partner Development Manager, Media Community Development.