Get a sneak peek of the ONA19 schedule!

A first look at the ONA19 schedule is now live on our conference app Guidebook. Download Guidebook to your Apple or Android device for a sneak peek at what to expect in New Orleans. You can view sessions across all three days of the conference or explore by tracks such as storytelling, emerging technology, culture and more. Also, you can start adding interesting sessions to your personal schedule in the app — for your easy reference later, as well as to help us determine which sessions are most popular and need more room.

The full conference schedule will be available on this website by mid-June, with a few final sessions announced throughout the summer.

How to get the ONA19 App

  1. Download Guidebook via Google Play or App Store. Alternatively, visit and enter your phone number to text yourself a download link.
  2. Select “Find Guides”
  3. Type “ONA19”
  4. Get the app!
  5. Enjoy and thanks for joining us at ONA19!

Be our crystal ball

Each year, we are between 88 to 90 percent accurate in matching room capacity to session attendance. But that 10 percent is gnawing at our souls, because we know it can be a serious bummer if you’ve traveled a long way and can’t get into a session you really want to see.

We want everyone to have the best possible experience, and you can help us make that happen.

Simply add interesting sessions to your schedule in the app. By marking your interest, you will help our team understand which topics are generating the highest level of interest and more accurately predict needed room capacity. No worries if you change your mind later, we’re counting on the overall numbers to guide us through the final stages of our planning process.

To add a session to your schedule, simply hit the “plus” symbol next to the session title.

Now pat yourself on the back, you just helped thousands of your colleagues have a better conference experience!