For your privacy: How we handle guest information

We love our sponsors. Without them, we wouldn’t have an opening night reception, fun events like morning yoga or our incredible Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab, a program that for years has supported some of the best emerging talent in journalism.

That said, conference attendees have made it clear from the outset that they care about privacy and how the contact information we are privy to is handled. We get questions about this every year. Here is how we handle your data at ONA19.

Privacy Policy

First, here is our Privacy Policy. It’s fairly standard, the highlights being that we share general numbers — without other identifiers — in the aggregate (e.g., x% of attendees have decision-making power, “n” attendees who have food allergies, etc.) with staff, board members, sponsors, catering services or others who need to know that information to serve you best. We also track analytics to know what generates attention on the website, which helps us give a more prominent position to popular posts and specific pages. And one noteworthy point: Entrants to the Online Journalism Awards may have entry details from their submissions shared with those who judge and fund specific awards.

Conference attendee lists and groups

One of the most heavily requested documents from attendees and sponsors alike is an attendee list. That list is created in both .pdf and .csv (spreadsheet) format, and contains: first name, last name, title, organization and Twitter handle, if provided. We strip it of email and any other direct contact information.

We share this list three times:

  • a preliminary list is shared with sponsors several weeks before the annual conference
  • an updated list is shared both with sponsors and attendees one week before the event
  • a final list is available for anyone who completes our post-conference survey, sent after the event ends

We also host an ONA19 Facebook group, which is technically private, but we allow most people to join unless they spam the group with ads or we have reason to think they might.

Other ways you may be contacted

One very important note: We do not sell attendee information and we work to keep your contact information secure.

Once in awhile, companies — sponsors and otherwise — will send attendees emails promoting products, inviting attendees to events or otherwise reaching out. This activity sometimes causes confusion, because the reasonable assumption is that we’ve provided companies with this information.

Organizations may find you using a few methods:

  • Some companies have long-standing databases, and when they input your name, your email address or phone number may be stored from another event or contact with the company. From what we can discern, this is the most common method for tracking down contact information since we do not share it.
  • If your organization uses a standard email format, like, it’s pretty easy to figure out your work email address.

Finally, if we do see contact with our community that even borders on inappropriate, we try to address it directly with the individual, company or organization. They are encouraged to avoid unsolicited communication, and to follow all CAN-SPAM rules.

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